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Help & Support May 2022

Line Health Events Dialog


The Line Health events dialog provides additional detail about the coloured blips on the Availability line. This dialog can also be used to exclude specific events from Highlight's availability calculations. This is useful if a maintenance period occurred but was not scheduled in advance or if an incident happened which was not the fault of the service provider. Highlight will show Operational and Adjusted availability figures in the SLA Compliance report.

For a general overview on SLA Now, watch the SLA Now video

Line Health Events Open
The Line Health Events dialog is opened by clicking anywhere on the chart or on View Events
Line Health CEvents

For the selected time period (day, week or month) each event shows its type, the time and date it occurred, the event details, duration and if it is impacting the availability figure or not. All events are grouped as these types:

typically outages, these show a duration and impact availability
events removed through planned maintenance or manual exclusion
events which do not have a duration and do not impact availability
shows the number of events for each category

The header shows Event list (showing X of Y) where Y is the total number of events for the time period including events in maintenance. X is a reduced number if filters are applied.

Purple background areas on the chart show current and past maintenance periods. Events in maintenance do not impact availability.

Download the information to a CSV file to see all events and any comments on excluded events

Line Health Events CSV
An example CSV download