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Help & Support May 2024

Licensing details


This page has details of Cisco licence information, listed in Reporting inventory and Details Technical.
The same licences may be listed several times if there are several types and status of that licence.

Cisco licence information

Licence Feature Name

This is the name of the licence feature, for example ‘IPBASE’, ‘ADVIPSERVICE’ and ‘DATA’. If the router has multiple licences, each licence will be listed, separated by a semi-colon (;)

Licence Type

This identifies the type of licence. Licences may have a validity period defined in terms of time duration that the licence is valid for or it may be defined in terms of actual calendar dates. Subscription licences are licences that have validity period defined in terms of calendar dates.

demoDemo(evaluation licence) licence
extensionExtension(expiring) licence
gracePeriodGrace period licence
permanentPermanent licence, the licence has no expiry date
paidSubscriptionPaid subscription licences are the licences which are purchased by customers. These licences have a start date and end date associated with them.
evaluationSubscriptionEvaluation subscription licences are the trial licences. These licences are node locked and it can be obtained only once for an UDI. They are valid based on calendar days. These licences have a start date and an end date associated with them and are issued once per UDI.
extensionSubscriptionExtension subscription licences are similar to evaluation subscription licences but these licences are issued based on customer request. There are no restrictions on the number of licences available for a UDI
evalRightToUseEvaluation Right to use (RTU) licence
rightToUseRight to use (RTU) licence
permanentRightToUseRight To Use licence right after it is configured and is valid for the lifetime of the product. This is a Right To Use licence which is not in evaluation mode for a limited time

Licence Status

This represents the status of the licence:

inactivelicence is installed, but not active
notInUselicence is installed and available for use
inUselicence is being used (by a feature)
expiredInUselicence is expired but still being held by the feature
expiredNotInUselicence is expired and not being held by any feature
usageCountConsumednumber of entities using this licence has reached the allowed limit; no new entities are allowed to use this licence.