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Help & Support August 2024

Broadband Clarity


Broadband Clarity works based on the ADSL-LINE-MIB and the VDSL-LINE-MIB.

The ADSL-LINE OIDs we look at are the same as for bandwidth discovery:

MIB ObjectDescription
adslAtucChanCurrTxRateInbound ADSL bandwidth (downstream)
adslAturChanCurrTxRateOutbound ADSL bandwidth (upsteam)

The specific OIDs in the VDSL-LINE used is more complex as it’s a table rather than a straight OID look up. Comtrend devices use the VDSL-LINE-MIB; other vendors may also use this MIB.

Highlight provides a workaround for Cisco FTTC / VDSL2 services. Instead of looking at the parent of the Ethernet0 for the sync speed, Highlight retrieves the bandwith from a non-existent ADSL-ATM0 interface.

Highlight can support multiple DSL interfaces on a router so long as the stack table is correct.