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Help & Support March 2024

Performance Test Information


This page explains why you may want to configure a Performance test in Highlight and gives guidance of which test to use.
There is also detail of what each test does in practice.

Customers typically want to know for example if the voice services they use are fit for purpose, why at certain times services are running slowly, or if critical services are 100% available. Highlight can help answer these questions by implementation of performance testing to provide a complete picture of a customer's services.

Test results are used in three principal ways:

  • Status monitoring:

    showing in real time how well all the tests are complying with the given target service levels and (optionally) generating alerts when compliance is broken.

  • Visualisation:

    providing a graphical picture of results over any day, week or month

  • Service reviews:

    monthly reports will give an overview of a customer's services which can then be a used at a service review with their provider.

Performance testing is supported on Cisco and Juniper devices. See table in next section for individual test support

Watch our performance test videos for ICMP Ping and MOS