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Help & Support June 2024

Reporting API


Highlight’s Service Assurance Platform is a trusted source of real-time and historical data on the network of thousands of companies. These organisations depend on their service provider to manage their network in a transparent way, and a critical element of full transparency includes the creation of historical reports to assess and critique past performance and agree action plans. These service management reports can take a long time to compile as the statistics need to be exported from Highlight and other systems and imported into a document or analytics system for presentation. Highlight has created a Reporting API feature to dramatically shorten the time needed to generate reports, giving the service manager or IT manager time to action the findings of the report, rather than the compilation.

The Reporting API makes it possible to view Highlight’s historic, summarised data outside the Highlight Service Assurance Platform. After the initial set-up which creates an API key on a specific folder, you can download monthly or daily data for all connectivity services including Broadband and Cellular. This will show, for example, the total availability of a line for a given period. The data can be displayed in Excel, Power BI or another analytics tool. If needed, Highlight data can be combined with data from other sources like an IT service management system.

Who benefits?

Service managers, account managers, product managers and IT managers

The Highlight Reporting API can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on compiling data to produce monthly service reports. Instead of taking days to produce a single customer report, automatic syncing of the Highlight data into your analytics report enables all your customers report data to be accurate and up-to-date in minutes. This has several benefits:

  • More time to focus on what the data indicates and what actions can improve performance
  • Report data can be updated in minutes, making the report current and accurate
  • The option to offer service management to a wider selection of enterprise customers with the same number of service managers
Thus, the Reporting API benefits both service providers and their enterprise customers.

Get in touch
Highlight offers professional services for initial setup of the Reporting API and templates for interactive reports in Excel and Power BI. Contact us for assistance in setup and interpretation the API data or for a copy of our ready-to-use templates.

Partner Domain Setup

A ReportingApiKey value is set by Highlight Support upon request from a partner and associated with a folder in the partner's Highlight tree. The key denotes the scope that the Reporting API operates within, meaning the API can access historic summarised reporting data for all watches in the associated folder and any subfolders.

The Returned Data from the API

The API supports these functions:

  1. The watch tree details as a WatchNodeDto

  2. The option to limit the data returned by using a list of folders

  3. The summarised daily or monthly data in these Dtos:

    • Bearer Summary, including:
      • Availability Summary
      • Load Summary
      • Health Summary
    • Broadband Summary and Cellular Summary
    • Tunnel Summary
    • Performance Test Summary
    • Wireless Access Point Summary
  4. Inventory Data

Highlight has partitioned the data to enable flexibility for partners so that a partner can decide what reporting data they wish to extract and not be overburdened with excess data.


"int" vs "int?"
In the tables on this page, if the type ends in ? this means the value can also be Null