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Help & Support June 2019

Report Setup


Fast and flexible reports

Highlight's reporting feature provides a wide range of statistical analysis and reporting for all the elements in Highlight. Careful design means the key feature of your report is speed, loading in seconds, not minutes. Highlight is responsive so it's easy to make changes and reload an adjusted report. Functionality includes:

  • A wide range of fields and predefined templates to include in a report
  • Flexible filtering and sorting
  • The option to include graphics (short- or long-term)
  • The option to save your chosen settings as a custom report template, so you can run it again quickly later. There are three options for a custom template:
    others in your organisation can see and use it
    only you can see and use it
    Private Scheduled:
    Highlight will run the report when specified and email the result

Watch the reporting video