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Help & Support August 2024

Report Suggestions


This page describes which options you might select for creating commonly requested reports.
Where appropriate the report is based on a public template. The suggested report can be saved as a private template and scheduled, if required.

  1. "Show me the top 20 circuits which are bursting beyond service speed" - Burst report

  2. "Show me all circuits which have had an outage...and the number of outages" - Availability report

  3. "Show me the effect of any manual exclusions on availability compared to SLA targets" - SLA Compliance report

  4. "Show me a list of bearers that are not currently responding" - Non-responding devices

  5. "Show me all performance tests that are not running" - Performance tests not running

  6. "Show me an activity report on one of my classes of service" - Class of Service by Volume

  7. "Show me which cell towers my cellular services are using" - Cellular Clarity usage

  8. "Show me what equipment I have in Highlight" - Hardware list/serial numbers/licences

  9. "Show me when a particular circuit was added or changed in Highlight" - Watch creation or changes

  10. "Show me a summary of who has been logging on to Highlight" - Logins list

  11. "Show me all Flow watches that have no up to date data" - Flow configured devices not accumulating data

For a general overview on reporting, watch the reporting video