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Help & Support May 2024



Receive alerts when you can't view heat tiles
Receive alerts when you can't view heat tiles (GIF)

Alerts are immediate notification if there are issues with your network or services. Alerts are set up and customised by you. You define when, how and who to be notified. You set the criteria including which specific metrics are key, whether you want notifying outside business hours, who should be informed (mailing lists or multiple email addresses can be configured) and which folders or locations are included in the alert. You can create as many alerts as needed. Watch the alerting video

This page covers email alerts, our most common alert method. Refer to other pages for information on alerting via webhook or SNMP trap.


All information collected by Highlight is compared with thresholds to ensure things are running smoothly. Some thresholds can be set by Admin users. Find out more: alerting thresholds.

The Create/Edit/Inherited Alert dialog behaves differently if you are creating a new alert, editing an existing alert or viewing an inherited alert. See details for each dialog type on this page.