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Help & Support August 2024

Understanding Heat Tiles


Service tiles

What are heat tiles?

Highlight’s unique heat tiles instantly show a clear status of both network and application services. They are more powerful than a simple traffic light or dashboard display because they show trends too. They are a time-based capability which understands that one incident does not make a network link bad, nor is it good the minute a long-standing problem is resolved.

Highlight uniquely measures performance using problem levels - an on-going rating that smoothes the display and indicates if a situation is improving or deteriorating. There are 2 types of heat tile:

Location tiles

Location tile

Every location within your network is shown as an individual, summary tile with chevrons to indicate improving or deteriorating issues across stability, load and health metrics

Service tiles

Service tile

Group watches from any location in your network into a single tile, custom-define thresholds to change tile colour based on the total number of issues