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Help & Support June 2024

Recovery of deleted items


When deleted, a watch is moved to a 'holding area', data is not collected, it does not appear on any Highlight pages and is not billed. The watch and its collected data will be completely deleted (purged) after approximately one month. If you accidentally delete a watch, contact us within 30 days to recover it. The full tree structure (folder and location) is recovered at the same time. Subwatches (such as performance tests and VLANs) can also be recovered. The parent watch will be recovered (if needed) at the same time.

The following items can be recovered:

  • bearer watches (link health watches)
  • class of service watches
  • VLANs
  • MLEs
  • performance tests
  • WiFi controllers
  • SD-WAN controllers
  • users
  • folders
  • locations

The following subwatches can be recovered with their parent watch. If these items are disabled on their parent watch then re-enabled before 30 days has passed, the existing subwatch will be recovered:

  • Flow watches
  • NBAR watches
  • switches

The following items cannot be recovered:

  • containers
  • performance test templates

Deletions are recorded in the Audit log as a delete action with full details. Restoring and purging is also recorded as a delete action in the Audit log but without full details.

Note: Watches cannot be restored if there is another active watch with the same name