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Help & Support August 2024



As we have seen, heat tiles are a very smart way to look at network issues, whether it’s stability, load or health. However, as Highlight is capable of live alerting via email, webhook and SNMP trap, you can modify the rate at which watches change colour and therefore, generate alerts. This page details changing the sensitivity at the folder or location level. It's also possible to set a sensitivity profile on an individual watch, see the Sensitivity profiles per watch section below.

Find out more about configuring alerts. From Status Alerting all users can access the Sensitivity panel; only users with the permission Manage Folders/Locations, can edit the sensitivity settings.

Sensitivity showing Override

You can define how quickly watches react to issues by moving the sliders for stability, load and health. Initially everything will be greyed out. To make a change for a specific folder or location you will need to click which will then override the inherited setting and allow you to set new sensitivity levels for the folder or location you are in and all folders below it. You can always remove any local settings you have created by selecting the option and the sliders will revert to the inherited values.